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playing five nights at freddy’s like


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me getting a letter from nielsen


Burger Twi
I can’t animate things haha


Burger Twi

I can’t animate things haha

I found derpysquad





As people have been watching the show and we’ve been getting fan reactions, we’ve gotten a huge amount of fan correspondence about saying "Thank you! Thank you for having siblings that don’t hate each other!" Everyone is so used to that, because storytelling is about conflict and so is comedy, so the natural place for the writer is to have characters constantly snipe and dig and dis each other. I think the funny thing is, Dipper and Mabel actually do that. They actually fight and poke and prod each other constantly, but it’s in a loving way.
Dipper will knock Mabel off of a chair or Mabel will completely undermine the purpose of something Dipper’s trying to accomplish, but they both do it with smiles on their faces. They enjoy each other’s company even though they get on each other’s nerves, and I think the underlying fact that they love each other means that we can get away with that stuff and it’ll never feel mean-spirited.

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